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Working with multiple service providers requires increased day-to-day management and coordination. When you need consistency in your business communications’ infrastructure, Over the Wire provide an integrated suite of data network, Internet and voice products that are backed by an expert local team.

We take pride in delivering voice and Internet solutions for Australian and New Zealand businesses that contribute to positive business outcomes. We meet with businesses face to face to understand their drivers and goals. Each customer engagement is unique and our staff are trained to identify the best mix of technologies to achieve the desired outcomes of the business.

Our one-stop-shop approach will make all the difference to your day-to-day business operations. It all begins with these four solution pillars.

"It has been a pleasure working with the team at Over the Wire, we have been able to treat them as a true partner working in collaboration to innovate and create a really powerful platform for our business."
Alex Twigg – Co-Founder at Judo Capital

Data Networks

Data Networks A corporate network that utilises Internet connectivity options from multiple vendors within its virtual private network (VPN) will struggle with the varying levels of support and accountability that they offer.

Over the Wire functions as a data network aggregator and managed service provider. We work with more than 30 business network infrastructure carriers, from the major household names to region-specific network providers. We cherry-pick the best Layer 2 raw network capacity in any given location that we then manage on our own core to create a single package that delivers sustained uptime and optimal speeds for your business. Over the Wire makes your WAN easier to manage with a single point of contact for all your sites.

We offer sophisticated protection, prevention, detection, response and recovery measures to protect your critical infrastructure from threats. Not only does our private network traffic avoid the Internet, we deploy firewalls and managed network security to protect every element of your corporate WAN that is at risk.

We look after all connections within our network 24 hours a day. Each voice and data service within our network leverages our MPLS private network core that spans from Perth to Auckland. To maximise uptime, we typically deploy network solutions with automatic failover, so regardless of the issue or the time of day, your business will stay connected.

Learn more about Over the Wire's Data Network services, or contact us for an obligation-free network transition quote.


Voice When you have a strong and reliable data network in place, it just makes sense to use the same provider and infrastructure to manage your voice requirements.

Our private network solutions provide a solid infrastructure to deliver secure services with high availability and are highly suited to Voice over IP (VoIP) or SIP solutions. By using your existing network intelligently, your business can save significantly with IP Voice.

Over the Wire’s cloud Hosted PBX solution provides businesses with a fully-managed, corporate phone system including features like hot-desking, follow-me, conference bridge and softphone. Alternately, our IP Voice services can be connected to existing PBX phone systems you may have, including legacy infrastructure that may not be SIP capable through the addition of a managed voice gateway.

Backed by high-level local engineers that work with businesses every step of the way, it's a level of integration for Internet and voice that other companies can't match. To learn more about the benefits a Voice over IP solution has over traditional methods, download our free whitepaper.

Learn more about Over the Wire's Voice over IP services, or contact us for call rate information.

“I thoroughly recommend Over the Wire if you need a solutions provider that delivers on time with exceptional service.”
Liz Diles – CEO at Danoz Direct

Cloud and Managed Services

Cloud & Managed Services Over the Wire can help deliver your Cloud IT strategy through on-boarding to our Private Cloud, or direct, private IP connectivity to Public Cloud environments. We are specialists in hybrid cloud (Public and Private) delivery.

Many cloud systems are designed based on a throughput or usage model – appropriate for systems which have the occasional burst of high-utilisation, but typically inappropriate for applications or services which have consistent or high throughput. Many businesses are finding a ‘Public Cloud only’ approach can lead to bill shock and unsustainable costs moving forward.

Over the Wire provides a private cloud service that runs on our own enterprise-grade infrastructure. Our local experts analyse your business’s requirements to provide a solution that fits, and a cost structure that is transparent from the outset.

This is a perfect fit for businesses with internal systems and facilities that have similar usage day-to-day, yet can spike from time to time. Should your requirements change, you can quickly and easily adjust your environment.

For those businesses with internal Cloud expertise, who may not require our Managed Services department for ongoing maintenance, we also offer Platform as a Service (PaaS). PaaS provides a pool of powerful computing resources that can be allocated and self-managed through our customer portal interface. This gives you ultimate control of your virtual machines so you can create or modify them yourself with only a few clicks.

Learn more about Over the Wire's Cloud and Managed Services offerings, or contact us for more information.


Colocation Whether or not a business has cloud capabilities, it will likely still require some additional server or storage infrastructure. Keeping equipment on-site may seem like the simplest and cheapest option, but this can leave critical infrastructure open to risks such as:

  • Overheating
  • Power outages
  • Network outages
  • Loss of productivity or critical data should anything cause the office location to be effected

With data centre colocation, these issues are solved. Over the Wire has access to custom-built data centres for server hosting which allow businesses to keep their most important assets off-site and safe. Our colocation sites include high-level security measures like biometric scanners, smoke detection, fire suppression, network redundancy and backup generators which ensure your equipment gets maximum uptime, even if something difficult occurs. Most importantly by having physical separation of your equipment to your office, should catastrophic event like a fire of flood cause damage to your building, your equipment is safe and still connected.

Learn more about Over the Wire's data centre colocation options, or contact us to book a tour of one of the Brisbane data centre facilities we own.

“We evacuated our office and operated out of several remote locations. Because all of our servers were located safely in the data centre…we were able to continue working with virtually no disruption.”
Richard Wainstein – Group IT Manager

Work with the locals. Work with the experts.

When your business needs the best Internet and voice services across multiple sites, you want consistent service and expertise across the board. With Over the Wire, you get high-level local experts who will tailor an integrated connection solution designed specifically for your business’s needs.

No call centres, no script-only ‘support’ staff and no being shifted between multiple points of contact. Just one secure, high-level connectivity package that allows your business to thrive.

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