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Take your phone system to new heights. We're ready to move your phone system into the cloud.

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Too many businesses rely on poorly configured, under-utilised, and unmaintained phone systems. Missed calls result in missed business opportunities, unknown calling patterns can lead to potential resourcing issues, and a phone system outage can damage more than reputation.

Over the Wire’s cloud Hosted PBX solution provides businesses with a fully-managed, enterprise-grade phone system including features such as hot-desking, follow-me, conference bridges and a free mobile softphone application. With high-availability across multiple geographic nodes, you'll get access to first-class infrastructure and reliability - but without the price tag.

Backed by high-level local engineers that work with businesses every step of the way, it's a level of integration for internet and voice that other companies can't match.

It’s not you, it’s us

End-to-end solution

By deploying our hosted PBX service over a private IP data network, we monitor the connection and the whole solution end-to-end, removing the issues around quality and accountability that haunt other telephony systems.

Advanced capabilities

With advanced features included as standard, and none of the hassles that accompany on-premises solutions, our Hosted PBX service gives your organisation a highly capable and cost-effective telephony system designed to suit your needs.

Latest & greatest

Unlike an on-premises systems, our hosted PBX gives your organisation access to the latest updates and features, improving capabilities without the need for hardware replacement. Over the Wire customers also enjoy greater flexibility and scalability, and are able to expand or move without worrying about physical limitations.

Hosted PBX: Flex

Take advantage of our hosted platform, expert support, and enterprise features. Based on a pay-as-you-go billing service, this model gives you ultimate flexibility.

Hosted PBX: Complete

Give your business the works, including new handsets and unlimited calls to standard local, national and mobile numbers. No bill shock. No cap-ex. The complete package.

Our Process




We’ll start by reviewing your business requirements, current costs and usage. We will work with you to thoroughly understand your business needs and design your new phone system setup.

No matter if you’ve got existing numbers you want to keep, or new ones you want to add, we will help design the best roll-out plan for you.

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