3CX adds OTW’s NetSIP as preferred SIP provider in Australia and New Zealand

IP PBX software provider 3CX has finalised interoperability testing with Over the Wire’s voice offering, NetSIP, approving the platform as a preferred SIP provider.

“We are pleased to announce the successful interoperability testing between NetSIP and 3CX. NetSIP is an experienced, VoIP provider who can offer 3CX Partners and customers superior quality and service. The combination of NetSIP and 3CX offers a reliable IP telephony solution to a broad range of Australian customers.” Yilmaz Kabaran, 3CX Account Manager Australia and New Zealand

This testing, conducted by 3CX staff in collaboration with Over the Wire voice engineers, has confirmed the interoperability of the platforms, and will enable Over the Wire customers using 3CX to auto-provision SIP registration now that Over the Wire’s NetSIP is included in the preferred providers list.

Additionally, as new releases of 3CX are developed the team at 3CX will confirm the continued accessibility of the platforms and have direct access to Over the Wire’s engineers should modifications be required.

Over the Wire was happy to have been able to work with 3CX to achieve this outcome, and look forward to providing additional benefit to 3CX and Over the Wire customers alike.

NetSIP, the voice platform by Over the Wire, continues to serve as a major telecommunications carrier in Australia and New Zealand. To learn more about our offerings, visit our IP Voice page.

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