Mobile Fleet

Mobile data pools and management tools have never been this easy.

Your corporate mobile fleet. Simplified.

What does a ‘mobile fleet’ mean to Over the Wire? To us, it means simple plans, a user-friendly management portal, and spare SIM cards in your drawer for quick and easy onboarding. Our plan structure also allows for data pooling - which means that our sophisticated system automatically shares your excess allocated data amongst the entire mobile fleet, protecting your business from nasty excess fees. In a nutshell, our Mobile Fleet allows businesses of any size the ability to benefit from a simple user experience, smart management tools, and honest mobile plans.

It’s that simple.

Take control of your mobile fleet

Key features of a Mobile Fleet from Over the Wire include:

Easy management

Not only are our plans simple, but our user friendly mobile fleet management tools mean you'll always have everything you need at your fingertips, and always backed by our expert support.

Data pooling

Data pooling protects your business against those nasty telco excess fees. Our sophisticated system will automatically share data amongst your team to make the most of any unused data allocations.

Great inclusions

With a raft of great plan options, we're sure we'll be able to suit every user in your organisation. Worrying about data use, call time, or the number of text messages sent is a thing of the past.

Rapid deployment

With access to powerful self-management tools and a buffer of ready-to-go SIM cards there'll be no more waiting by the post box or standing in a queue. You'll be able to make changes, including bringing on new services, without delay.

Flexible design

We want to find the best fit for you, rather than force your business to fit into a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We won't lock you into a single plan, or block your access to new options as we release them - you'll have full flexibility and control.

Unlimited plans

Unlimited calls and texts to standard national numbers from within Australia are included as standard. Easy.

Our Process




Contact the Over the Wire team to confirm the scope of your mobile fleet requirements, and get help designing your solution. Once an overarching agreement is in place we’ll send your SIM cards, ready to activate when and how you want.

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