Converged Voice & Data

Real synergy isn't just a buzzword.

A better solution is at your fingertips.

Stop wasting time and money on divergent connections for your voice and data solutions. Rather than a separate phone line, leveraging your data network service for voice traffic enables you to transform the secondary path to serve as a backup connection.

Since day one, we have combined voice and data network solutions to help businesses connect. Over the Wire are Australia's converged voice and data experts. We'll set up your Private Network connections with QoS (Quality of Service) for utmost call quality, and automatic failover to a secondary backup connection to deliver a superior solution for your business.

Better together.

Voice and data. A match made in heaven.


The myth of VoIP meaning poor quality couldn't be further from the truth with a converged voice and data network managed by Over the Wire. With end-to-end voice prioritisation on our state of the art network, your voice will always be heard.

Cost efficiency

Maintaining separate connections for your voice and data traffic is costly. By combining the two onto a single connection, you'll save on network access charges; money you can reinvest in improving speed and bandwidth of your primary connections or backup paths to not only save, but also enhance, your solution.


Unlike traditional voice lines, using a converged voice and data network means you now have the ability add redundancy to your phone traffic with an automatic failover to a backup data connection.

Our Process




We work with businesses through face to face engagement. We listen to your needs, understand your objectives and work with you to assess risks. Our team of Solutions Architects will build a plan from our broad range of products and services, tailored specifically to your requirements.

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