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Managed Security

It is difficult to imagine running a business without Internet access in this day and age. It is equally difficult to imagine a world where malicious attacks via the Internet are not front-page news on a weekly basis. Over the Wire provide Managed Security services to increase protection for businesses, as well as offering intelligent content filtering, remote and mobile user connectivity and business reporting. We offer enhanced edge level security for your network giving you visibility and protection where it counts most.

Protect your private network from diverse security risks through managed and monitored enterprise-grade infrastructure. Over the Wire's Managed Security provides a 24x7 threat management platform, allowing your business to mitigate risk by keeping ahead of security vulnerabilities. This helps to keep your internal IT resources free to focus on your core business initiatives, and provide peace-of-mind to your business.

Over the Wire's Managed Security Firewall
Cyber security should be a top priority for every business which has the responsibility to absolutely ensure privacy and mitigate risk for its corporate data.
Why is Security so important?
As we automate, script and move to the cloud, more and more businesses are reliant on infrastructure that has a high potential to be exposed to risk. Do you understand how these systems can be breached and the data compromised, or what the consequences are when this happens?
Australian Cyber Threats

Australia is a cyber espionage hot spot. According to the Australian Cyber Security Council's (ACSC) most recent Threat Report, our increased reliance on digital platforms makes us 'an attractive target for serious and organised criminal syndicates'.

The proliferation of online banking platforms, social media and all-of-government payment engines exemplify areas that can be targeted. Cyber security should be a top priority for the professional services sector which has the responsibility to absolutely ensure privacy and mitigate risk for its corporate data.

Understanding the Security Landscape

The security landscape is complex and continually changing. To help you get a better understanding of the most important components, we have compiled a comprehensive, 24 page eBook.

In this document we take a deep dive into understanding:

  • Malicious Cyber Attacks
  • Operating a Corporate WAN
  • Public Cloud Platform Migration
  • Processes and Compliance
  • The Next Step in Protecting your Business

Request a copy of our Security eBook now.

Consequences of Security Breaches

Do you understand the consequences of a data breach? Financial, reputation, legal - if the right protocols and partners are not in place, Australian businesses must be prepared to pay the price.

In February 2018 the Australian Government introduced reporting requirements for data breaches. This Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme requires all organisations to report breaches to those individuals affected. You can read more about what you need to know about the NDB scheme here.

While this mandatory reporting is likely to influence the damage to your reputation from a data breach, just looking at the bottom line can help to illustrate the financial consequences of poor security practices. It is estimated that a data breach costs on average $139 per compromised record. With more than 40% of breaches reporting over 1,000 records compromised, this means the average cost of a data breach is over the $100,000 mark.

You can find more information on the true cost of a data breach here.

Get Started Today

Security Policies are important at every level of an organisation, and are made up of lots of smaller components to help keep your business protected.

To get you started, we've put together a list of 6 steps you can be taking right now to prevent devastating and malicious cyber attacks from impacting your business.

Download our 6 Security tips document and start your security journey today.

Edge Security Protection (ESP)
Over the Wire Managed Security

As a Fortinet Gold Partner, Over the Wire is uniquely qualified to provide a comprehensive network security solution, enhancing your corporate WAN with the addition of advanced firewall features such as unified threat management (UTM), content filtering, and individualised reporting.

Over the Wire is a Fortinet Gold Partner

Managed Firewall

Protecting your resources from malicious attacks or unauthorized access gets more complex every day. Most organisations would rather focus on their own areas of expertise than build a multiple data centre, carrier diverse security platform to protect their network.

Our Managed Security platform provides a single gateway to the Internet and is accessible by your entire private network. Over the Wire ESP allows you to outsource firewall management to a team of local experts who are available 24×7.

Click here to download the Product Brochure Content Filtering

Not everything on the Internet is appropriate for your users when they are accessing organizational resources. Some content may simply be time wasting and negatively impact efficiency. Other content might seek to damage your network or even cause data loss and identity theft.

Content Filtering enables businesses to limit risk from undesirable online activities, and apply an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for their corporate network.


Sometimes handing over IT security functions to your solution provider can reduce visibility and transparency regarding what your users are doing but this is not the case with Over the Wire ESP.

Our platform offers regular reports including threat analysis and per-user based statistics, along with support from our in-house experts on how to continually improve your corporate security.

Download our Managed Security brochure, or contact us for more information on how help secure your business.

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