Over the Wire Keeps NOVA Entertainment On Air Using Managed SD-WAN

Whenever you listen to NOVA Entertainment’s brands on your radio or online, you’re hearing the performance of Over The Wire’s network in real-time.

NOVA Entertainment (NOVA) is Australia’s fastest-growing entertainment company, with broad nationwide interests. Its mission is to create content that is loved and shared by audiences, wherever they are, through its commercial radio networks, mobile and social brands. The underlying network that powers these systems relies on Internet technologies to interconnect and broadcast this rich-media content. When the world is listening, downtime is not an option.

Over the Wire is an ASX-listed cloud, telecoms and security managed solutions provider that has a national network with multiple points of presence in all major Australian capital cities and multiple locations in New Zealand.

NOVA has partnered with Over the Wire for almost 10 years. In that time the supported network has grown to its most recent evolution – a transformational SD-WAN network powered by market-leading VeloCloud cloud networking technology and protected by Zscaler cloud security.

Maximum transmission network availability is vital in a highly competitive industry where downtime affects advertisers, audiences, ratings and ultimately revenue. Over the Wire has incorporated redundant connectivity from the studio through to the FM and digital transmission towers in Brisbane, Gosford NSW, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Furthermore, high availability SD-WAN was introduced to provide increased visibility, flexibility and control of the corporate network, and enable technology-driven innovation as more applications move to the cloud.

Cost-savings in the data access network were re-invested in a cloud security wrap to ensure NOVA remains safe from cyber-interruptions.

The organisation’s legacy voice and video-conferencing requirements are also managed under the agreement, and Over the Wire have commenced a project to transition NOVA to Microsoft Teams collaboration.

Over the Wire’s proven track record in deploying and managing converged voice and data networks, coupled with a product portfolio that met NOVA’s new requirements, meant that continuing to work with the company was a logical step forward. Over the Wire’s service offering and carrier agnostic approach, provided connectivity options from more than 30 different wholesale providers, ranging from mobile broadband to high-speed fibre. This was a critical requirement for NOVA.

Fundamentally, with their business moving at a dramatic pace, it has been essential for NOVA to partner with a reliable, well-aligned technology provider who would enableit to focus on innovating and growing their core business.

Matt Steadman, CTO at NOVA, said: “Whenever you listen to any of NOVA Entertainment’s stations on your radio or online, you’re hearing the performance of Over the Wires networks in real-time. There are many tangible benefits to working with Over the Wire, but without basic, solid connectivity the team here at NOVA is ultimately unable to deliver on its mission. We appreciate their hard work keeping us on air and allowing us to focus on our business with confidence.”

Scott Smith, CEO of Over the Wire, said: “We are very excited and grateful to be extending our agreement with NOVA, it’s a great result for both businesses. After 10 years, we now have an extremely trusting partnership, and this helps us provide the best possible technology outcomes to NOVA. As our technology portfolio has expanded the scope of our engagement has grown too.”

About NOVA Entertainment

NOVA Entertainment is Australia’s fastest growing entertainment company with broad interests across the media industry. NOVA Entertainment owns and operates the Nova Network, the most listened to metro network in Australia, which includes Nova 96.9 Sydney, Nova 100 Melbourne, Nova 106.9 Brisbane, Nova 93.7 Perth and Nova 919 Adelaide. In addition, NOVA Entertainment also owns and operates smoothfm in Sydney and Melbourne, the talk station FIVEaa in Adelaide and Star 104.5 on the NSW Central Coast and a number of digital radio stations – Coles Radio, smoothfm, smooth Relax and smooth Chill. The company’s radio stations are complemented by a range of digital assets across social, mobile and online which leverage the company’s content to provide new growth opportunities including Nova’s Red Room, the experiential and music event brand, and GOAT, a mobile first platform, targeted at millennial consumers.

About Over the Wire Holdings Limited

Over the Wire (ASX: OTW) is an ASX-listed telecommunications, cloud and IT solutions provider that has a national voice and data network with points of presence in all major Australian capital cities and Auckland, NZ. The company offers an integrated suite of products and services to business customers including SD-WAN, IP-WAN, internet, data centre, cloud security and managed services.

Over the Wire companies include Over the Wire, NetSIP, Faktortel, Sanity Technology, Telarus, VPN Solutions, Access Digital Networks and Comlinx.

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