New Asian & US Core Network Sites Now Online

Today the team at Over the Wire completed building new core network sites in strategic locations in the United States and Asia, marking a significant milestone in our growth plans by expanding our network internationally into Singapore and the USA. These new core network sites are connected to our Tier 1 voice platform and SuperCore network in Australia via fast submarine cables.

The infrastructure investment means Over the Wire has more control over network quality and voice quality of calls to and from Australia. Additionally it increases our international transit capability and capacity while greatly removing the reliance on third party carriers.

The establishment of core network sites in Los Angeles, San Jose and Singapore mark the first time Over the Wire owns and manages infrastructure outside of Australia and New Zealand.

Over the Wire CTO Ben Cornish said the upgrade would also allow the company to support the growth of Australian businesses seeking to expand into markets in Asia and the United States.

“This investment is about providing world-class business telecommunications between Australia, the US and Asia and provides a strong foundational capability to our growing wholesale capability, in particular to support some of the high growth UCaaS, CCaaS and CPaaS providers.”

Ben Cornish, CTO at Over the Wire

“Connectivity is crucial for businesses seeking to expand in overseas markets and Over the Wire is excited about the role we can play in delivering these solutions.”

Mr Cornish said the international network upgrade built upon the recent investments in Over the Wire’s Australian network.

“The international expansion of our core network sites follows the upgrade of our local network to our SuperCore platform and the completion of our Carrier Interconnect project,” he said.

“The SuperCore, which provides a new high-speed backbone connecting businesses and cloud services across the country with ultra-fast connections, is what makes our network readily available and accessible to overseas markets.

“Our recent Carrier Interconnect project established Over the Wire as a Tier 1 Voice Carrier in Australia offering full-service voice capabilities alongside our suite of connectivity, cloud, collaboration and security solutions.

“Linking our SuperCore and Tier 1 Voice Carrier infrastructure in Australia with new core network sites in the United States and Asia greatly increases the network capacity, capability and security we can provide customers.”

Over the Wire strategically selected pathways with the lowest latency to help support voice service quality and to open up opportunities in the international wholesale voice market.

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