Over the Wire builds SuperCore to enhance data network speeds and capacity

Giving Australian businesses access to a new tier of maximum data transfer speeds is one of the driving forces behind a project overhauling Over the Wire’s core network and significantly increasing capacity.

The homegrown, ASX-listed IT and telecommunications provider has selected Juniper Networks to supply the equipment required to upgrade Over the Wire’s core network into what the company has dubbed an advanced SuperCore.

The SuperCore upgrade, which will deploy Juniper Networks PTX10001-36MR Packet Transport Routers, will span multiple strategic data centres across Australia, and will commence installation this week. Once complete this upgrade will enhance Over the Wire’s capacity, particularly along the East Coast, where multiple ultra-high bandwidth connections will provide a fast and resilient back bone to connect businesses and cloud services across the country. The new platform will also provide enhanced data encryption capabilities, complementing Over the Wire’s established firewall and edge security offerings.

The SuperCore follows the completion of the Carrier Interconnect project, which led to Over the Wire establishing itself as a member of the exclusive Tier 1 group of voice carriers in Australia.

Over the Wire Chief Technology Officer Ben Cornish said Juniper was chosen as the successful vendor following an extensive Request for Proposal process.

“The SuperCore represents a major investment in Over the Wire’s core network that not only reflects the significant growth of our business but also lays a platform for a strong future as well.”

Ben Cornish – Chief Technology Officer at Over the Wire

“Australian businesses have come to expect higher bandwidth and our extensive reach for last-mile connectivity combined with the SuperCore will meet those expectations and then some. Through our SuperCore Over the Wire is supporting faster, more efficient and more reliable business internet and private network solutions,” Mr Cornish said.

“The SuperCore will also benefit our wholesaler and channel market, which will be able to draw on our new capabilities with the SuperCore.

“The SuperCore is a long-term investment in future proofing our service and is part of our commitment to delivering an outstanding telecommunications and IT network to operate on that is effective, affordable and fully integrated.

“Over the Wire’s network was designed and built with redundancy and resiliency as a key consideration, with the Supercore only enhancing these qualities further.  

“The SuperCore forms part of our bold and forward-thinking strategy to expand our leading infrastructure platform.”

“We are honoured to have been selected by Over the Wire as a trusted partner in their transformation journey and are excited to power its extensive network of data centers across Australia,” said Bruce Bennie, VP & GM, ANZ, Juniper Networks.

“With Juniper at its core, Over the Wire now has the foundation to deliver enhanced services and connectivity at an unprecedented scale and speed to its customers, while fuelling its future growth plans. Together, we will deliver on Juniper’s vision of experience-first networking and build an ultra-reliable and highly-agile network that will help businesses in Australia keep pace with innovation.”

Bruce Bennie – Vice President and General Manager ANZ at Juniper Networks

Mr Cornish said the Tier 1 network meant Over the Wire could now offer full-service voice capabilities Australia-wide that works seamlessly with the company’s suite of data, cloud and security solutions.

He said the SuperCore will play a key role in enhancing the cloud capabilities of the Over the Wire’s core network with added security capability.

“Cloud connectivity and capability is one of the backbones of providing a carrier-grade service to businesses,” Mr Cornish said.

“The capability of the SuperCore means our core network can easily meet the data demands of businesses now and in the years ahead.

“We don’t just want to be fast – we want to be reliable, secure and affordable.

“Over the Wire is building a carrier-grade network ready to support businesses as they move their calls, applications, and business operations into the cloud.”

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