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Not all Clouds are equal. Not all Data is equal.

Finally, a cloud platform you can trust

Good cloud infrastructure should guard you against disaster and be adaptive to your changing requirements. Through personal consultation we’ll help you assess the value of your corporate data and recommend secure cloud technologies that address your specific needs.

Our Private Cloud environment runs on enterprise-grade infrastructure, protected by exceptional security and compliance measures. Managed and maintained by our expert staff 24x7, your business can leverage state of the art servers without the burden of the ongoing maintenance or capital expenditure.

Whether your best solution requires solely private infrastructure, or incorporates some public cloud elements, Over the Wire is the hybrid cloud expert you can trust.

Push your digital potential

We’ll help you get the most from your infrastructure


Our Virtual Servers are hosted in our own Australian Data Centres. Through our managed network and advanced firewall technology, we protect the IP layer to ensure the security and high availability that our customers require.


Our environment is protected against host, network, and SAN failure with automatic failover and redundancy built into the underlying platform. Including redundant infrastructure nodes across multiple cities, consistency is our highest priority.

Expert care

Our staff are highly trained in a broad range of vendor deployment models. Not only can they help you once you're on the platform, but have a breadth of migration experience across infrastructure types to help make your on-boarding as easy as possible.

Transparent billing

Avoid the risk of Public Cloud bill shock. Our cost structures are transparent from the outset and adaptive to your requirements. We provide private cloud infrastructure on a utility basis - charging for disk, memory and CPU allocation per month, so you'll never get any nasty surprises.

Data sovereignty

With all of our infrastructure located within Australia, you are protected from the risks and concerns around data sovereignty. All data is hosted securely, is clearly identifiable, and access is restricted and auditable.

What’s best for you?

We take a strategic view, using our knowledge and experience to improve your business. We approach cloud strategy at a whole-of-business level, so whatever solution best suits you, we have the expertise to help you deliver.

Welcome on-board




Each project that we work on has a unique set of requirements. We’ll work with you to ensure your solution supports your goals. Our cloud services are fully customisable so your environment will be tailored to your specific needs. No matter your current infrastructure state, our team can help design the right on-boarding plan for your business.

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