Zintel returns to the voice market in big win for ANZ businesses

The Zintel brand has returned to the voice market in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) following Over the Wire Holdings Limited’s (ASX:OTW) acquisition of the ANZ voice businesses of J2 Global Inc. The acquisition brings together Over the Wire’s existing outbound capabilities with Zintel’s (previously, ‘eVoice’) services including call routing intelligence, data intelligence, call management and analytics. It also marks a new and exciting expansion for Over the Wire into New Zealand and complements the growth objectives of the business.

Zintel will leverage its 25-year history in ANZ telecommunications to help businesses in the COVID-19 era modernise their voice-based communications and empower their workers to be more responsive and connected, no matter where they’re working from.

This need is now even more pronounced when so many workers are no longer at their office desks; instead, they’re working from home or a remote location using a laptop and a mobile phone. If customer calls go unanswered, businesses may struggle to thrive in a challenging economy. Therefore, companies, whether large enterprises or small businesses, need a solution that ensures no inbound call goes unanswered, regardless of where the workforce is located. Furthermore, organisations need to gain actionable insights based on accurate data which the Zintel platform delivers.

As part of the OTW family, Zintel will now be able to offer much more to customers through combined whole-of-business voice services including outbound capabilities. These capabilities will help businesses communicate effectively with customers, identify opportunities for improvement and intelligently manage calls for improved outcomes.

Michael Mulvey, head of SMB pillar, Over the Wire, said, “This acquisition has happened in an uncertain and increasingly decentralised working world, when it has never been more important for people to connect. Zintel empowers intelligent conversations, which make physical location irrelevant and continue to power business growth in a precarious business landscape.”

Michael Omeros, group CEO and managing director, Over the Wire, said, “The fusion of inbound services with Over the Wire’s outbound services is one of the most promising aspects of the acquisition. Customers will soon be able to access the full suite of products, including inbound and outbound, all delivered with Zintel’s renowned customer service. Zintel will continue to innovate and provide more value to its customers, as the next chapter of the business unfolds.”

Zintel’s intelligent capabilities will enable and accelerate business growth for its customers today, and into the future, by prioritising powerful performance, seamless data-driven connections and advanced customer experience.

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