100 Wickham

Flagship data centre facilities in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD

We put the location into colocation

This is Over the Wire’s flagship data centre facility at 100 Wickham in Fortitude Valley. With our two other data centre facilities located in Brisbane, you can add redundant Brisbane colocation options to your network, while maintaining diverse connectivity to power grids and the Over the Wire core network.

Built to a Tier III specification, 100 Wickham contains space for 120 racks and offers the ideal combination of security, stability, and convenience of access.

Facility Overview

Power Generation

3 x Diesel Generators. Generators are protected by n+1 redundancy. 48 hours of onsite fuel. 4 hour guarantee for additional fuel delivery


Access to the data centre is monitored with CCTV. The facility is safely located six storeys above street level. A touch-in touch-out smartcard system is used to log all entries and exits. Biometric scanners at the data centre entrance prevent access by unauthorised personnel.


Total air cooling capacity of 560kW. Air redundancy is configured in a n+1 format. n+1 cooling tower configuration. Air temperature kept to a cool 22 degrees and 50% humidity.

Fire Detection and Suppression

The site is covered by a dual action VESDA system. Gas Suppression utilises an FM-200 System


The data centre is connected to Over the Wire’s Brisbane fibre ring and has multiple 10Gbps redundant links coming into the site.

National Footprint

We have data centre facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Our data centres are interconnected to provide disaster recovery services in the form of failover and remote backup.

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