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If you’ve been investigating how to get more out of your existing internet links, or layer in redundancy and automated load balancing across locations, you will already be across SD-WAN (Software-Defined – Wide Area Networking).

You might have ventured to read up on the business benefits, or even taken a deep dive into how the technology gives you greater transparency on your bandwidth and application usage, driving better decision making and investment.

You may now be at the point where you want to see what an SD-WAN solution can really do for your business.

Your next step is to learn how to deploy this exciting, secure technology. By attending our SD-WAN Proof Of Concept Workshop we will take you through the various decisions that are key to designing and deploying an SD-WAN solution.

You will learn how to:

  • Support rapid growth by simplifying network deployments
  • Consolidate and rationalise branch sites
  • Ensure business-critical applications are always on

FREE 30-Day Proof Of Concept For Your Business

Just by attending, you will be offered a Free 30-Day Proof Of Concept for your business including full setup and support.

Let us prove how an SD-WAN implementation can deliver tangible benefits in your unique business environment.

SD-WAN Proof Of Concept Workshop:

Next Date: 11:00am - 12:00pm
  Thursday 25th August
  • 60-minutes
  • Virtual
  • Interactive
  • Six steps to a successful SD-WAN pilot program

We’ll take you through the various key decisions to designing and deploying an SD-WAN solution. We’ll demonstrate how to:

  • Easily and quickly connect network endpoints to reliable and secure high-bandwidth carriage solutions using a variety of providers.
  • Achieve simplified and unified management of your entire network, and quickly identify and resolve issues as they emerge.
  • Maintain application availability, worker productivity and business performance by optimising network management while reducing network downtime.

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