Public Versus Private Cloud

‘Cloud’ is a term that has made its way into everyday life, yet is possibly one of the most misappropriated terms in Corporate IT at the moment. Decisions between Cloud and On Premise solutions are often being made before properly understanding the differences, or without knowing the distinctions between Public and Private Cloud offerings.

Cloud platforms can be considered as a scaled up version of the Virtualisation Technology that is commonplace within businesses today; using large scale deployments to service a significant number of Virtual Servers, in turn enabling the cost be reduced. How these platforms deliver these services to your business defines the different cloud models, with the main categories being Public and Private Cloud offerings.

Thanks to Google Apps, Microsoft’s Azure and 365 products, and Amazon Web Services working to make ‘cloud’ a household term, Public Cloud has become the most commonly talked about version of cloud services. Public Cloud services generally have a set configuration, with scaling based on predefined options, and accessible only via the internet. These features work well for organisations whose staff are on the go, or that are able to adjust their business’ IT requirements to align with the provider’s offering. However, for businesses with custom applications or requirements, the ability to leverage these public cloud offerings can be limited. In addition some Australian businesses may experience compliance issues as a result of data being stored offshore. 

Private Cloud is a way of delivering similar Virtual Servers, though utilising the networking infrastructure of an ISP or Private Network service provider to connect directly into the platform core to avoid data traversing the public internet. In addition to the security and speed benefits, these products provide dedicated resources for the client while maintaining a common underlying platform. This means that customers receive a service specific to their requirements; adding site and hardware redundancy not experienced with an On Premise model, without the need to change the business to fit the offering. 

With the ability to provide both high speed network connectivity and Private Cloud services on a new locally hosted IaaS platform, Over the Wire can help you choose the best solution for your business requirements. To learn more about these and other deployment types, or to hear our General Manager, Ben Cornish, talk about our IaaS services click here or watch the video below

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