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Partner Program

Our Partner Program supports two revenue models, covering a variety of organisational needs and technological challenges, and delivers results to customers, every time.

Welcome to the Over the Wire way.

Team spirit

Our highly skilled and motivated team is ready to support and educate you and your team. We take a collaborative approach to promoting and winning business opportunities with our partners. It’s team spirit at its best.

Some benefits of working with Over the Wire include:

  • we're non-competitive - Over the Wire doesn't compete with partners' core business.
  • you create a passive income stream
  • you control more of your customers' spend
  • you get support to take products to market sooner.


Joint marketing

Where appropriate, we engage with you in joint marketing programs to generate leads for a specific combination of products. This approach works. Our partners jointly market PBX products alongside voice & data solutions.

Other success stories include developers marketing hosted application services and integrators winning new data business.

Support when you need it

Selling data or hosting services for the first time can be daunting. We’re ready to share our extensive industry experience to help you understand: 

  • service qualification requirements
  • the best way to market our products
  • how to deliver value to your customers


Manage more with less

By partnering with us and our proven infrastructure, you’ll make big savings on:

  • technical staffing
  • data centre management
  • continual maintenance costs.

So you can spend more time on identifying and addressing your customers’ needs.