Over the Wire Releases New Fibre Products

Currently available in approximately 1000 buildings across the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne CBD Metro areas and growing to approximately 1500 buildings shortly, OTW Fibre Select is providing businesses with a considerable increase in bandwidth at pricing that has traditionally been in the realm of less reliable copper based services.

In today’s market, an increasing reliance on cloud based technology solutions and the Internet in general, means that many companies struggle to get a large enough data connection at an affordable price. A 20Mbps service in metro areas could currently cost anything from $500 up to $1000 per month, depending on the provider. As a contrast to this, OTW Fibre Select is providing 100M Unlimited Internet, delivered on a fibre tail, at less than $500 per month. Additional speed options are also available, up to 400Mbps.

Managing Director of Over the Wire, Michael Omeros, comments “OTW Fibre Select represents a step-change in the corporate data network space. This new product will allow us to provide our clients with a significant increase in bandwidth at a fraction of the price they would currently be paying. At Over the Wire, our primary goal is to connect our clients to the technology and services they need to operate most effectively. OTW Fibre Select will further enable us to do this by offering data connectivity speeds at pricing that easily competes with existing technologies, and we expect to see a significant uptake from those businesses that fall within these select locations”.

In a time where requirements for reliable digital communication is constantly increasing, investing in larger quantities of bandwidth at such a low price will also allow businesses room to grow. Omeros adds, “By future-proofing their IT and communication services with OTW Fibre Select, businesses can easily converge their voice and data networks as well as look to cloud services to improve business agility and profitability. Significant cost savings can be made here as well, so OTW Fibre Select can be the catalyst for savings on a client’s data communications, voice and IT spend. In addition, since NBNCo has concentrated on locations outside of the CBD areas, this new product is all about offering the NBN experience and benefits sooner.”

Similar to Over the Wire’s suite of connectivity solutions, OTW Fibre Select can be used for both voice and data services and is available as an Internet Only Tail or a Private IP Link.

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