Over the Wire Collaborates with Judo Bank to Deliver Working from Anywhere

Over the Wire is partnering with Judo Bank (formerly Judo Capital) to launch Australia’s first true challenger bank, purpose-built to become a trusted ally and partner to Australia’s small and medium sized businesses.

Judo Bank is founded on the belief that the financing skills needed by the SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) community have been lost to increasingly centralised functions and cookie-cutter lending policies.

Judo’s mission is to put experienced and empowered relationship focused lenders back in customers premises, going against the industry trend by putting the customer experience first and foremost by ensuring Judo’s team can make credit decisions on the quality of the business, not just the quality of the security.

To do so, Judo looked to Over the Wire to deliver a network that enables its staff to work simply and securely from anywhere. By integrating Over the Wire’s Private Network, Voice and Network Security capabilities, both parties were able to collaborate on the design and implementation of the environment.

Alex Twigg, Judo Co-Founder says, “Starting with a blank sheet of paper is a fabulous opportunity but it’s not easy and wanting to flip an entrenched industry model on its head makes it more difficult again. We had to find likeminded technology partners that wanted to go on a journey with us, to make a difference. The OTW team got it from day 1 and the Network capabilities they delivered, just worked. We could focus all our efforts on creating a customer centric business, rather than how to enable our team to securely work from anywhere.”

With the strength and depth of OTW capabilities, Judo Bank is creating a secure, flexible and robust network infrastructure that is able to overcome substantial barriers to entry in a fraction of the time it has traditionally taken, and at minimal cost.

Judo’s eye is on the future, and the team have built a technology platform that removes the restriction of having to work within a specific location. With the network Judo can not only deliver flexible working but is ready to roll out to Australia through pop-up offices and roaming team members.

Michael Omeros, Managing Director at Over the Wire, says, “We’ve been delighted to work closely with Judo Bank and its founding team who have embraced a forward-thinking approach to their IT&T. We have been able to deliver a private data network, Hosted PBX voice services, data centre colocation, and advanced Managed Security offerings to Judo, but the real value has been how all of these elements integrate together.”

“For example, we have been able to provide Judo with virtual mobile numbers for their staff which still track calls through the phone system, but can be answered on our mobile softphone application. Not only does that give their staff the ability to make and receive calls anywhere, but it also gives them the ability to have a truly mobile workforce.”

“We’re excited for the next phase of their roll-out which will introduce pop-up offices and roaming staff securely connected to the private network with our Layer 2 Private Mobile 4G data service. This will give their mobile workforce secure access to their corporate network by entirely bypassing the public Internet.”

For further details please contact the Over the Wire team at info@overthewire.com.au or the Judo Bank team on their website.

Judo Bank is a registered trademarks of Judo Bank.

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