Migrating to the Cloud

With increasing interest being generated in Australia for cloud based infrastructure solutions businesses appear to be warming to the advantages of hosted services. A Frost and Sullivan report released earlier this month stated that the trend was strongest amongst Australian SME’s with large organisations following closely behind. The report cited “greater flexibility” and “lower costs” as two of the primary reasons that IT managers were looking to increase the allocation of their IT budget to cloud based services.

With cloud based backup solutions offering significant functionality advantages over traditional options many businesses are choosing to migrate these services to cloud backup providers rather than continuing with the hassles of physical backup technologies.

Other organisations are choosing to embrace fully hosted environments in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms due to their ability to offer significant price reductions over On Premise solutions with comparable performance figures.

One of the major advantages of cloud-based solutions is the ease and flexibility with which existing platforms can be migrated onto them. Because there is no requirement for large upfront capital expenses, businesses can incrementally migrate their infrastructure across as their needs dictate, and as previous warranty and contract terms elapse.

Because Over the Wire houses our hosted infrastructure in our owned and operated data centres the process of merging multiple hosted products together is simple and painless. By having a full suite of products we are able to design a solution tailored specifically for your needs, with the ability to choose the right combination for you, whether it be implemented all at once, or in stages.

What this means is that businesses who do not wish to move all of their infrastructure to the cloud can take advantage of it for a single service, and can choose to migrate the rest of their services down the line, if they wish. This can be done by coupling Backup as a Service (BaaS) with your on premise servers, utilising BaaS + Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to provide greater Business Continuity options for your on premise servers, or use either of these two options as a stepping stone towards a longer term plan to migrate the on premise servers to IaaS. The solution combinations are highly beneficial, so speak to an Over the Wire Solutions Consultant to understand the best outcome for your business.

(Source: www.frost.com, State of Cloud Computing in Australia Report 2013)

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