Jay Binks joins the board of Internet Association of Australia

Jay Binks

We are proud to announce and celebrate one of our own being elected to the Board of the Internet Association of Australia (IAA). At their recent Annual General Meeting Jay Binks was elected as a Corporate Representative to the Board of Directors.

IAA is a not-for-profit, member-based association representing the internet community. Operating since 1995, IAA has become an important organisation in the industry, with their objectives stated as being:

  • Member Support: to support common interests of carriers, carriage services providers, content providers & internet service providers
  • Industry Development: to promote and support the internet industry within Australia
  • Services: to operate peering exchange services and related infrastructure, networks and services for members
  • Connect: to establish links with similar organisations to help achieve our goals

Jay Binks joins the IAA board with nearly 20 years of experience in the IT and Internet industry, with a significant portion of that being within Over the Wire since joining the team in 2008. Jay has been responsible for building Over the Wire’s voice platform, NetSIP, and has been instrumental in raising this into a core solution category for the company. Having expanded his scope in 2019 with his appointment as General Manager – Products & Innovation, Jay is focussing on the strategic direction of the group’s product portfolio along with the successful implementation of new offerings to benefit Australian businesses.

Jay has a passion for being at the forefront of technology, as demonstrated by building one of Australia’s leading VoIP providers, and the ‘finger-on-the-pulse’ nature of both of his current roles (on the board of IAA and in steering the Products & Innovation function at Over the Wire). We’re excited for him and to see his contributions to IAA for the benefit of its members and the industry at large.

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