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When looking at telephony solutions, businesses have been faced with an unenviable choice: costly and impractical on-premises setups or hosted PBX (private branch exchange) systems that only deliver key features through add-on purchases. Over the Wire’s Hosted PBX service is a new, superior alternative.

With advanced features included standard, and none of the hassles that accompany on-premises solutions, our hosted PBX service gives your organisation a highly capable and cost-effective telephony system designed to suit your needs.

Unlike an on-premises systems, our hosted PBX gives your organisation access to the latest updates and features, improving capabilities without the need for hardware replacement. Over the Wire customers also enjoy greater flexibility and scalability, able to expand or move without worrying about physical limitations.

Desk Phone Handsets still play a crucial part in user experience and acceptance of phone systems
Why choose Over the Wire?
Your organisations has a lot of options when it comes to selecting a PBX provider in Australia. Here is what makes Over the Wire an excellent choice.
A better connection

An effective business telephony system requires connections for both data and voice. Unlike other providers, our service leverages converged data and voice, improving quality and cost-effectiveness. Requiring just one connection, this configuration reduces network design costs and inefficiencies.

Consider an organisation looking for a telephony solution with a backup connection. Over the Wire’s hosted PBX services achieve this with just two connections, while other providers need four - one for data, one for voice and a backup for each. This means you can put some of these funds towards future-proofing your business with faster connections and strengthened redundancies, while still saving money and ensuring premium voice clarity through Over the Wire’s quality of service (QoS) management.

High-quality voice

Older VoIP systems cause roadblocks to high voice quality: customers often get the runaround as different providers don’t take responsibility for issues. That’s not the case with our hosted PBX and QoS management. By deploying our hosted PBX service over a private IP data network, we monitor the connection and the whole solution end-to- end, removing the issues around quality and accountability that haunt other telephony systems.

With geographic redundancy for our core hardware, we further ensure the greatest potential uptime of the hosted PBX system. This additional level of backup provides extra certainty that your organisation’s business telephony is available when needed.

Improved security

A hosted PBX solution run over your organisation’s WAN offers added security against cyber attacks. Avoiding unnecessary interaction with the public internet reduces your exposure to malicious actors, and grants better security.

Read more about the risks of an unsecured business voice system.

Greater control

Administrative tools are a crucial component of any business voice system, and our self-management portal makes these intuitive and accessible. Browser-based, this interface empowers users to manage the system for themselves in real-time, including features such as call forwarding, simultaneous ring, voicemail and time-based answering rules.

Unified communications (UC)

Our hosted PBX enables integrated instant messaging, voice, and presence. Boost collaboration across multiple offices with high-quality communication options across multiple platforms and devices.

Strong customer support

A call centre worker reading from a script is no substitute for customer service. Over the Wire offers 24/7 assistance from our Australian-based customer support centre. Call with an issue, and you’ll be connected to an experienced team dedicated to finding a solution.

At Over the Wire, we’ve built a reputation on providing excellent service and capable solutions that meet our customers’ needs. We believe in working with clients, not just working for them.

Hosted PBX services are a key part of our foundation, and we’ve expanded our capabilities over the years to include a wide range of effective voice and data solutions for businesses across Australia.

"Over the Wire provide good quality services and customer support. They are willing to tailor solutions to meet customer needs."
Simon Horn - Head of Cloud & Security at Ray White
Our services: Flex and Complete

To meet a wide range of customer requirements, Over the Wire offers two types of services: Flex Hosted PBX and Complete Hosted PBX.

Flex Hosted PBX is our standard deployment, available on a per-extension basis. Organisations choosing Flex have an option of call plans, along with optional handset management. With 'pay for what you use' call plans available, Flex offers more customisation to suit the needs of your business. This option can also be configured for organisations looking to outfit a voice system for their call centre.

Complete Hosted PBX provides tremendous value, offering unlimited standard local, national and mobile calls along with handset management, all bundled for a fix monthly price. Unlike other unlimited plans, Complete is packed with standard features that increase capabilities without skyrocketing costs. Both Flex and Complete Hosted PBX include a wealth of features designed to improve performance and make for a more capable and intuitive business voice system. These include:

  • Hot desking.

  • In-dial and line flexibility.

  • Support for call recording.

  • High levels of customisation.

  • Three-way and conference calling.

  • Complex dial patterns, hunt groups and IVRs.

  • Guaranteed voice quality with managed QoS.

  • Intuitive self-management platform through your browser.

  • An integrated app that enables mobile softphone capabilities.

This Over the Wire Hosted PBX deployment diagram shows how you can connect to and benefit from a robust, geographically redundant phone system.
Learn more about how our Hosted PBX can improve your business communications.
"Always polite, friendly and fast service from support and sales staff. Service is very reliable from Over the Wire."
Hartleigh Burton from MotorCycle Holdings (ASX:MTO)
Flexible and competitive pricing
Whether you’re looking for flexibility, or to simplify your telecommunications spend with a predictable, unlimited standard national call plan, we’ve got you covered. Call us on 1300 689 689 during business hours or contact us online today for complete quotations and more information about how to migrate to an Over the Wire Hosted PBX.
Flex Hosted PBX
Handset management available
Call centres supported
Flexible call rate options available
Complete Hosted PBX
Includes all standard local, national & mobile calls^
Includes Yealink T42S handset
Handset upgrades available

View our Hosted PBX pricing here.

A minimum contract term and user requirement, along with setup fees and other charges may apply. Speak with an Over the Wire representative for full details.

^All standard local, national and mobile calls within Australia are included, with calls to specialty and international numbers charged separately. Acceptable use policy applies. Not suitable for call centres.

"Over the Wire would be one of the most professional businesses I have dealt with over recent years. From the time of the first meeting we had with them to discuss our needs to this date, their service has been first class and we have not experienced any product problems. I would recommend them to anyone."
Chris Lane from Wealth Fundamentals
Watch this video to learn more about our IP telephony capabilities:
From hosted PBX to IT managed services, voice and data are crucial for modern organisations, which is why we focus on tailoring solutions to fit our customers. To learn more, call us on 1300 689 689 during business hours or request a callback from an Over the Wire representative today.
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