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Hosted PBX

Over the Wire provides a superior hosted telephony solution suitable for any business, eliminating the need for high capital expenditure and costly upgrade cycles. You will gain access to new features, without the hassles and pitfalls of onsite infrastructure.

Moving your phone system into a cloud based offering gives you the versatility to grow, change, and move without having to worry about hardware expenditure or limitations. Let us look after your telephony while you focus on building your business.

Over the Wire's Hosted PBX is a reliable and cost effective phone system for your business.Over the Wire's Hosted PBX is a reliable and cost effective phone system for your business.

Key Features

  • Unlimited call plans available
  • Guaranteed voice quality on our private data networks
  • Unified Communications included
  • Self-management portal for control over Adds/ Moves/ Changes
  • Handset rental available, with different models to choose from
  • Mobile soft-phone applications for on-the-go access
  • Geographic redundancy
  • Complex dial patterns, hunt groups, IVRs
  • High level of customisation possible

Service Overview

Moving telephony into a centralised, cloud-based model leverages all the benefits of cloud computing and increased network capacities, while simultaneously offering cost savings.

Robust, Redundant Infrastructure

Save on call costs with VoIP.Traditional on-site phone systems rely on physical hardware at each of your offices, adding significant up-front costs when setting up a new location, and limiting the functionality between offices.

Over the Wire’s hosted phone system gives you access to a platform with geographic redundancy, flexible deployment, and a simple per user cost model. Your expansion plans don’t have to be hindered by expensive upfront costs, or limits on what features remote workers are able to access.

Migrating to our Hosted PBX is straight forward and inexpensive – you don’t need to buy and install a new phone system, just tell us how you want it to work and we’ll set it up for you. You can even work with our Project Management team for a fully managed roll-out including onsite handset deployment and user training.

Exceptional Voice Quality

HD Quality VoiceOver the Wire’s Hosted PBX can be deployed through dedicated connections, allowing us to better control and optimise the voice quality from our dedicated switches to your IP PBX.

We do this by applying outbound Quality of Service (QoS) metrics across our network to ensure that your voice traffic has absolute priority.

Cost Saving Calls

Using Over the Wire will help you save on call costs.Unlike ISDN or other fixed line services, VoIP systems allow much more flexibility, so you can choose the right plan for your needs.

  • Free calls between your offices
  • Multiple PAYG plans available
  • Unlimited call plans available

User Experience

Telephony Features of Hosted PBX:Our Hosted PBX is built to empower your staff, whether it’s through ease of use when talking to a client, getting the information fast through instant messaging, or taking your conference calls to the next level. User experience is the most crucial part of a communications system, so our mission is to empower your staff with a fully featured Communications Solution, including:

  • Unified Communications (UC)
  • Integrated mobile application
  • Easy to use web management portal
  • Hot-desking
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Conference bridge
  • Ring groups
  • Custom music on hold
  • Time based answer rules
  • Queues
  • Voice mail
  • Call recording
  • Call reports

Number Porting

Number PortingKeep your existing numbers – we can port your numbers onto our network and use these for your new phone system, no need to change if you don’t want to.

Find Out More

Every PBX deployment is different. Our engineers will design a solution for your requirements, to ensure that the service we deliver is the service you need.

Once a project is underway we’ll work with you on managing the roll-out to whatever level you require, right through to onsite handset deployment and training if that’s what you need.

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