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Comlinx joined the Over the Wire group of companies after it’s acquisition in 2018. Bringing expertise in Customer & Team Engagement, Intelligent Networks, and Cyber Security, the Comlinx team and solutions enhance the Over the Wire offering with their intelligent, innovative and agile approach.

Now under the one Over the Wire umbrella, the team, expertise, support services, and superior solutions are still being delivered to the same incredible standards.


An option to suit your business.

Many of Australia’s smartest organisations depend on Comlinx and Over the Wire to stay ahead of their rivals. When our innovation meets your business drivers, the possibilities are endless. Intelligent, secure, agile and collaborative solutions; wherever and however.

Meet with our team, talk directly with our engineers, and start improving your technology today.

Customer & Team Engagement

Create a 360 degree view of your customer and leverage multi-channel contact centres to create the best possible customer experience. Implement processes that encourage team collaboration across diverse locations to share skills and expertise. Explore customer & team engagement solutions that help businesses thrive.

Intelligent Networks

In a world full of connectivity, with more devices than ever, businesses need to ensure their networks are faultless, fast and secure. Mitigate all security threats, maximise performance.

Cyber Security

Instead of seeing security as a limiting factor, we view it as an enabler. Bringing together the best in security technology our expertise enables your business to flourish, without feeling restricted.

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Get smarter and scale faster, without compromising on security. Get in touch with the Over the Wire team to discuss your new and improved managed IT solution.

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You can reach us by phone on 1300 689 689, or mail our sales team using the form below. For other enquiries, reach out to us here.

Contact Us

You can reach us by phone on 1300 689 689, or mail our sales team using the form below.