AWS Direct Connects Now Available

You asked for it, now we offer it. Simple.

In response to the requests of our customers, Over the Wire is now able to offer AWS Direct Connects to our clients.

For those who are unfamiliar with Amazons B2B product suite, Direct Connect services afford businesses the ability to directly connect their WAN to Amazon via a private connection, granting access to other Amazon services (such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, Simple Storage Service, and Elastic Compute Cloud) at a reduced price.

Because customers are allocated dedicated bandwidth, this setup has the additional benefit of reducing the latency many businesses experience by connecting to AWS via the Internet.

Over the Wire Director Brent Paddon remarked that the offering was “in response to the requests of several of our existing clients, and demonstrated that despite our recent growth, we are still willing to remain flexible and work with our clients to deliver the best possible solutions.”

Businesses interested in utilising an AWS Direct Connection should contact their Over the Wire Account Manager.

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