Access Expertise via Managed Services

Managed Services is a term used in the IT industry to refer to the support of IT and Networking infrastructure; including anything from server support, through to complete ownership of an environment down to the device level.

In Australia, there has been a definite trend towards this kind of ‘outsourced IT’ over time, with the realisation that it is often unrealistic to expect an internal IT resource to be an expert and have time to stay up to date with an increasingly broad range of systems, particularly at a price point suitable for the business.

Hence the primary benefit organisations seek to derive for managed services providers is the ability to leverage the expertise of professionals with an esoteric skill set in order to gain more efficient utilisation of their existing infrastructure. This may occur as the result of consultation during infrastructure deployments, but can also result from day to day support and management programs which augment the skills and availability of in house IT teams.

To ensure that your IT is built and performing to enable your business to achieve its goals, rather than hinder them, the right amalgamation of different fields of expertise is required. So that we can offer the most appropriate solutions, and support a wide range of deployment styles, Over the Wire works with an extensive network of corporate partners, each of which are experts in their relevant fields, as well as maintaining our own in house teams of engineers.

This enables us to join your team as a trusted adviser, assisting your business goals through the ownership of your whole environment, parts of it, or simply on an ad-hoc basis. When used in conjunction with the wide range of other network, infrastructure, and voice services also offered by Over the Wire, a complete, end-to-end solution can be achieved; with a single point of call, backed by extensive experience in each area.

In the video below Over the Wire’s General Manager of Services Simon Wren, talks about some of the benefits of an Over the Wire Managed Services agreement.

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