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"Over the Wire’s 'ISDN Shutdown Survival Guide' is a great summary of the options communication users have to navigate Australia's ISDN shutdown. More modern and flexible Communication technologies are now available which can be taken as a Service (CaaS). I recommend reading the advantages of this approach in OTW’s Guide"

Graeme Bellis

Petrichor Communications

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ISDN phone disconnections have begun

This year Telstra began to shut down the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). If your business is still using traditional phone lines, you must prepare for a change or risk having your calls cut off.

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Chapter 1

Find out If your Phone Line Is Isdn

Chapter 2

The ISDN Shutdown: a Summary

Chapter 3

Life After ISDN What’s next?

What Are You Waiting for?

Everything you need to know so you don't get disconnected in the shutdown!

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