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Telarus to be acquired

Telarus to be acquired by Over the WireOver the Wire Holdings Limited (ASX:OTW) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a binding agreement to acquire all of the shares in Telarus Pty Ltd. Completion of the acquisition is expected to take place on 16 January 2017 and is subject to a limited number of customary conditions precedent.

Established in 2002, Telarus delivers business grade telecommunications solutions to Australian and New Zealand SME and Enterprise customers. Telarus has experienced high levels of customer retention and is headquartered in the Melbourne CBD.

With FY16 revenue of $11.6m, FY16 EBITDA of $1.5m, 25 employees and more than 300 business customers, Telarus will accelerate Over the Wire’s geographic expansion into Victoria.

Additional information on Telarus and the agreement can be found in Over the Wire's announcement to the ASX.

Expansion of OTW Private Cloud platform into Sydney underway

Additional OTW PoP planned for Albany, New Zealand We are delighted to announce that Over the Wire has commenced the expansion of its Hosted Infrastructure (Private Cloud) platform. The platform has always had geographic diversity through hosting in multiple Brisbane data centres, however this next phase will nearly double the original environment configuration by adding a full production suite in Sydney. The end result for clients is not only resource and geographic backup redundancies, but also geographic zones to utilise for optimal performance.

Hosted in the Equinix SY3 data centre, the expansion comes on the back of demand from clients for additional resource availability and greater geographic redundancy between nodes. It also aligns with the Company’s geographic expansion plans into the Sydney market. Completion of the upgrade is expected by December 2016.

Want to know more? Get in touch with our team today.

Additional NZ network presence planned

Additional OTW PoP planned for Albany, New Zealand Over the Wire is proud to announce that we are establishing an additional network Point of Presence (PoP) in Albany, New Zealand, with anticipated completion in early November of this year, bringing our total number of active PoPs to 25 across Australia and New Zealand.

The decision to add an additional network location within New Zealand, on top of our PoP in Auckland established in 2012, has been made to add further redundancy, as well as increase our reach within the New Zealand market.

Once in place the new network design will include connectivity between the two NZ PoPs, as well as diverse connectivity back into the main Australian MPLS core network. No disruption to client services is expected throughout this process, and the end result will be one step closer to being able to provide a more complete service to our neighbours across the ditch.

OTW currently uses reach into New Zealand to connect branch offices back into Australian networks, as well as carrying telephony traffic. Want to know more? Talk to us today or check out our video on Wide Area Network Configurations.

Is NBN’s fibre to the node really more popular than fibre to the premises?

The rollout, adoption, and even use of NBN services is a contentious issue amongst many across Australia, and a topic that keeps making its way into headlines, with the latest claims; NBN “fibre to the node is more popular than fibre to the premises.”

This claim, made by Gizmodo Australia, is on the back of an in depth analysis conducted by ITNews, details of which are available here. This report gives an interesting insight into the deployment and adoption of NBN services in different regions, and the activation rates in each.

But does this actually mean fibre to the node (FttN) is more popular than fibre to the premises (FttP)? On face value this could be the takeaway, however the claim does not take into account important factors such as the availability of providers supplying services, the adoption life cycle inherent with any new product, and consumer choice.

While the number of suppliers ready and able to deliver NBN services in the first round of NBN regions, with FttP, weren’t nearly as comprehensive as what there is today, this lack of accessibility isn’t the only important factor to consider when looking at this data. As with all products, a natural adoption life cycle will take place, with Innovators and Early Adopters making a small, but meaningful portion of the market; it’s these ‘guinea pigs’ that give the majority of consumers the confidence in the new product to adopt it themselves, or learn from someone else’s mistakes.

Another consideration is that measuring popularity is a factor of choice, which isn’t something that consumers have here; the options are to adopt whichever form of NBN is available in the area, or switch to or maintain existing connectivity not impacted by the decommissioning of PSTN phone lines.

While the final take-away from the analysis is up to interpretation, one good thing is clear; we’ve finally moved away from measuring “premises passed” to actual adoption rates – not only a step in the right direction towards accountability, but giving the public access to real and meaningful statistics about our nation’s ongoing NBN saga.

To see if NBN is appropriate for your business, or if you will be impacted by the decommissioning of PSTN lines, contact an Over the Wire representative or call us on 1300 689 689 today.

Media enquiries: Chris Jacko

OTW to acquire SpiderBox

Over the Wire Holdings Limited (ASX:OTW) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a conditional business sale agreement to acquire the assets of Access Wireless and Cable Pty Ltd (Spiderbox). Primary assets include the fibre network at Brisbane Technology Park and its clients. Spiderbox’s staff will also transition to Over the Wire.

The agreement is subject to several conditions and if these conditions are met the acquisition will complete on 31 March 2016.

More details are available on the Investors page.

OTW Portal Launched

As of today, the NetSIP and Over the Wire portals will be combined into a single unified portal allowing you to manage all of your Voice and Data services from the one place. This is the first step toward delivering a unified portal that will contain all of the services that you subscribe to from any Over the Wire Holdings Ltd company (ASX:OTW). We aim to provide a simple user experience for managing all of your data, voice, cloud and colocation requirements.

All clients were sent details of these changes specific to their accounts. If you have any question about this change or any service that OTW can offer you, please contact us.

OTW Portal

Telecommunications Embargo Period

The end of another year is nearly upon us, so those wishing to connect new telecommunications services will need to ensure that they plan around the embargo period. The hard embargo period will begin from Monday 16th December, and will run until Monday 13th January. During this time new network service installations are not performed by most carriers, so if you are looking to get network connections setup prior to this period make sure you contact your Account Manager as soon as possible.

Support for all services will be maintained throughout this period, and provision of new services such as Voice, Colocation, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will remain unaffected.